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F1 RC Cars - Photos

Photos that best capture the essence of what F1RC Club of the Philippines is all about. Fun, kids, easy going fun afternoon of playing with our toys.

1. Winners get beautiful trophies. Ok looks like photoshop, but still fun to have a remembrance. Notice kids winning and making the podium. It's all about the realism.

Podium Winners

2. Father and Sons Team. Nice to see this! Here we have Kiko and Paco who are regularly racing.

Kids Racing F1 Cars

3. And of course, there is a Father and Daughter team. Me and Porsha.

Joel and Porsha

4. Girl Power! Starting them off young.

Young girl rc car racers

5. The historical 25 rc car race!

25 f1 rc car race

6. Young kids racing F1.

Kids racing f1 rc cars.

More to come!

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Video: 25 F1 RC Cars Racing Simultaneously

25 F1 RC Car Racing Video

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