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F1R/C Club - USA GP 2012

18 November 2012 - An eventful day full of exciting racing action. A very happy birthday to Leo V. Great to see 5 rookies having fun and posting competitive lap times.

F1 R/C Car Racing - USA GP

Another laid back Sunday afternoon to relax with friends and our kids. Above we see Taka fixing the Tamiya F103 of Paco. Thanks Taka for helping out the young guys and rookies.

Qualifying was tight as usual. Rookies have improved so much in just a few months.

F1 RC Cars USA GP Qualifying

Great to see 5 rookies in their first year of racing. It was an epic battle with Rains and Carlos in race 1. Both battled for 15 minutes mostly separated by just 1 second. And in the end it was Carlos in his Tamiya F104 victorious over rookie points leader Rains in his Sakura FGX. Gabe holding steady to finish 3rd.

F1 RC Car Racing USA GP B-Main Drivers

Rains leads Gabe by just 12 points going into the season ending race. Just like real F1, it is exciting with the rookie champion to be determined on the final race. Carlos solidifies his hold on third place overall.

Not to be outdone are the fast improvement of Paco and Kiko. The kids are already on their 8th race since starting 5 months ago. Paco able to post very fast times (16.891s) and finishing 45 laps. Kiko is a smooth and steady driver, but seems his car is just slow. Still able to post a good 38 laps with an ill handling car.

The Amain was filled with 8 veteran drivers. With a big welcome to the "Storm" for making the big show. Ike is finally showing why he was a Tamiya champion decades ago. I tease.

F1 RC Car Racing - USA GP A-main Drivers

Taka, seemingly more inspired than usual, drove hard for a well earned win. Second went to our birthday celebrant, Leo. And taking home third, Mr. Goodmorning Allan Colico. Maybe the music High School Life is a better motivation for Mr. Oldskul than hard rock.


Fourth was the resurging Jun Manego driving a Tamiya F103. Very fast according to Taka. Porsha, now back to driving a Tamiya F104, looked to be back on rythm finishing 5th. Chito, Miles and Ike finish the top 8.

F1 RC Cars USA GP Podium

Photo: Leo (2nd), Carlos (Rookie winner), Taka (Winner), Allan (3rd). Congratulations guys.

It was another enjoyable Sunday afternoon for me as race organizer. Music, food, seeing friends and nice clean racing action is what the F1RC Club is all about.

See you December 9 for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the final race of the season.


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