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F1R/C Club - Singapore GP 2012

15 September 2012 - Thanks to Allan and Arnold for the food, trophies and t-shirt. To the 27 racers who hopefully had fun. To our Lord, for despite the early floods, allowed us to race in cool conditions. And to JP Raceway for the indoor facility, rain or shine, we can have fun.

A big welcome to Manito Manego.

F1 R/C Club Singapore GP 2012

Above: 14 Formula One r/c cars line up for the B-main in their 3 x 15 minute race.


Above: The beautiful steering wheel glass trophies.

F1 RC Cars Racing and Food

Above: Today was a special event. Celebrating the birthday race of Allan and Arnold. The traditional black gulaman drink, pancit, suman, etc. Eat and Run!

Singapore GP RC Track Layout

Above: Layout to simulate the street circuit of Singapore.

F1 RC Club Organizer Joel and Racer Porsha

Above: Me (Joel aka rccartips) as race organizer. My 11 year old daughter Porsha as driver. She did well, qualifying 5th out of 27 racers using a Tamiya TEU104 speed controller.

Now let's get on with the racing.


As usual, qualifying is a tight affair. Hundreds of a second makes the difference between making the A-main or B-main. The top 13 racers separated by just 1.3 seconds.

Qualifying Results

There were 14 drivers in the B-main. A mix of veterans and rookies, with some rookies beating the veterans! Woohooo.

B-Main Drivers

Trying to figure out how to grid 14 rc cars.

F1 starting grid

And the trophy goes to Team FGX Rodil! Congrats!

Rodil of Team FGX wins B-main

And great job by the kids, Kiko (8th) and Paco (10th). Wearing the new F1R/C Club of the Philippines T-shirt designed by Allan Colico.

Kiko and Paco with F1RC Club T-shirts

B-Main Results

B-Main Results

A-main Results

A-main results 

Congrats to Taka, Gerome Ling and Leo.

Winner was Yuichiro Takaya driving a Tamiya F104 v2. Beating all chassis, include the F103s.

F1 R/C Club - Taka - champion

2nd goes to Gerome Ling.

Gerome Ling

3rd goes to Leo Virtusio.

F1 RC Club Singapore GP - Leo 2nd

Below is the winning car, a 1/10 Tamiya F104 v2. Driver was so good he beat all cars, including the Tamiya F103s.

Tamiya F104 v2 Taka

And last but not the least, the birthday boys, together again!

Arnold and Allan

Thanks to Vin and Allan for the photos.

See you Oct 7 for the Japan Grand Prix.


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