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F1R/C Club - Philippine GP 2012

10 November 2012 - Given a one day notice is was surprising to see a full 10 car A-main for the Pinoy Grand Prix. Finally a Saturday schedule that allowed long lost faces (Norman, Rico, Jason) to race again in the F1RC Club.

F1 RC Philippine Grand Prix

Welcome back Rico and Jason. Nice to see you again. Short notice, but at least the Saturday race allowed you to race again.

F1 RC Pinoy Racers Rico and Jason

Porsha and Gabe... racing... video games!

F1 RC Philippines GP Racing Video Games

Leo and Taka, always close racing. Vin straight from the hospital to the track. Nice to see Norman race and get some sleep after a hard day's work. Rico what are you doing back there? Hehe.

F1 RC Pinoy GP Racers

The Tamiya men. Norman "meditating" before the start of the A-main.

F1 RC Tamiya racers

Mikey and Ted. Whatever they discussed seemed to work as it was a great result for Ted Flores. Finally the patience and hard work paid off. Now you are forced to race in the Expert Class for the NASA race. Hehehe.

F1 RC Pinoy Tamiya F104


Qualifying grid

Overall Results

Overall Results


It was nice to see a new face on the podium with Ted Flores taking 3rd in his Red Bull Racing Tamiya F104.

Podium Winners

Race winners. Leo (2nd), Taka (Winner), Ted (3rd). Congrats

See you Nov 18 for the USA Grand Prix.


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Video: 25 F1 RC Cars Racing Simultaneously

25 F1 RC Car Racing Video

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