F1 R/C Club of the Philippines
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F1RC Club of the Philippines

Created by racers for racers, this club was conceptualized on August 2008 to promote cheap and affordable RC racing with the goal of putting more emphasis on fun and skills rather than equipment, in order for the hobbyist to continue enjoying racing and for the hobby to survive amidst difficult economic conditions. These are the same goals shared by our prominent international counterparts namely:

  • The UF1 League of the USA
  • The F1RCGP of Japan
  • The RCFormula1 of Australia
  • The F1 Italian Series
  • And The SGP1 of China

Now that we are formally introducing our very own F1RC Club of the Philippines, it is our dream to be recognized and be on equal footing with our international counterparts.

We started this underground group with a small number of F1 enthusiasts, managed by a host of dedicated race directors who thought of ways on how to make our activity more fun and sustainable, formulated and tweaked the rules and racing format through the years with the aim of maximum enjoyment and runtime. Let me acknowledge our past and present pool of race directors:

  • Arnold Dalusung
  • Mitch Sy
  • Neil Severino
  • Ron Convento
  • Joel Mangilit (current)

These people are the ones who used their imagination and creativity in setting the direction of this club. It was quite tiring to be running around in circles for just 5 minutes with the conventional racing format used in RC racing. Our signature racing format as we see today is a product of trial and error and extensive testing. We did all sorts: 5-minute sprints, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30-minute finals. We even had 1-hour endurance races with pit-stops, testing the limit and endurance of our equipment and driving skills. For now we will stick with our 15-minute runs as the Club is getting bigger, making it our Club signature that sets us apart from the other classes/clubs of EP racing.

The “no lapping" rule has been with us since 2008. The concept was conceived to have everyone fight to defend their position and every inch of racing space. As the lapping car is faster, so they have to prove it by overtaking and not simply having slower cars move over to the side. This is all about having fun battling with another car regardless of position. This rule might be unconventional bordering controversial, but as I mentioned above, the Club seeks ways on how to get out of the usual convention. F1RC Club has survived this for 4 years and will keep this rule as one of its features in the spirit of racing by the corner.

Here’s our complete signature format:

  • Any brand of F1 chassis are allowed
  • Only 540-type silver can motors are allowed. Lately we also allowed the Tamiya Formula-Tuned 32T motor and .12cc or smaller nitro engine.
  • Any brand ESC allowed, without capacitor and boost function.
  • Any 6-cell Ni-CD/Ni-MH and 2S Li-Po batteries are allowed. As for Li-Po batteries, only up to 50C continuous limit are allowed.
  • Maximum FDR of 3.7 for gearing.
  • Rubber tires for veterans, foam tires for rookies.
  • 30-minute Qualifying run (best single lap time) and 15-minute triple mains.
  • No lapping rule.

This formula of regulations that we adapt today had been proven to promote equality on the track regardless of equipment, as we also seek to promote low-cost racing for sustainability that will have us racing for many more years. Continuous tweaking of these rules will be done as the Club sees fit for its purposes.

The organizers of the F1RC Club will stay true to the vision and concepts from the day we started and will continue to make RC racing simple, fun, and affordable for all. We are happy that F1RC racing is getting a lot of attention these days from racers, hobby enthusiasts, and even other clubs. For this we are happy and welcome all the support we can get for our racers. The next thing we would be happy to see is the support of the hobby shops for our badly needed parts and accessories. And come next year’s new season, we would be happy to see and welcome sponsor support for our long haul races for the benefit of the racers.

With our vision and passion for what we do, we are excited for what we can do next.

Long live the F1RC Club of the Philippines!

Allan Colico

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