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F1R/C Club - Korea GP 2012

21 October 2012 - Our Gangnam style version of the Korea GP. F1 rc racing should be all about fun after all.

Video highlight of the event. Dance battle between B-main and A-main drivers. Pace car warmup laps, start of A-main, and track racing action.

As organizer, I was very happy to see 5 young kids playing and racing radio controlled f1 cars. Youngest was only 7 years old, and he never crashed his car even once. Hope to see more kids join in on the fun. Better to be hooked on r/c than other things.

Kids racing f1 rc cars.

So happy to see Kiko and Paco join the last six F1RC Club races. And congrats to Kiko for winning B-main race number 2. Though beginners, they are improving very quickly.

Kids racing in F1 RC Korea GP.

A big welcome back to Rey Parco with his Tamiya F201 and Wolf Racing.

F1 RC Korea GP - Tamiya Wolf and F201 of Rey Parco

Ted Flores started the season with a 3Racing F109. Then a Sakura FGX. And now with a Tamiya F104.

F1 RC Korea GP - Tamiya F104v2 of Ted Flores

To keep things as real as possible, the layout in JP Raceway was changed to simulate the Korea Grand Prix F1 track. Unique was the straightaway that ran diagonal from top right to middle left part of the track.

Korea GP layout at JP Raceway

The rookie championship race is heating up. Carlos currently in third. With 125 points still up for grabs, the championship is still wide open.

F1 RC Korea GP Tamiya F104 of Carlos

The beautiful BMW pace car. Thanks Manito for driving the warmup laps for the F1 cars.

R/C BMW Pace Car

And concours goes to Rains Viola, for his massive rally car. He is also the new points leader for Rookie of the Year championship. Way to go!

Big rc rally car of Rains Viola

Qualifying and Finals

Highlights of the F1RC Club Korea Grand Prix.

  • Two FGX make the A-main, Rains and Porsha.
  • Kiko wins B-main race number 2. Way to go!
  • Tamiya F104s place 1, 2, and 4.
  • B-main drivers beat the A-main drivers in a dance off, gangnam style!

The high speed, technical track saw a lot of cars take to the skies. And after the 3 x 15 minute racing action, the results.


1rst - Gabe Monzones

2nd - Rey Parco

3rd - Kiko Fernandez


1rst - Yuichiro Takaya

2nd - Leo Virtusio

3rd - Chito Detabali

F1 RC Club Korea GP Race Results

F1 RC Korea GP Podium Finishers

Above: Leo Virtusio (2nd), Yuichiro Takaya (Winner), Chito Detabali (3rd). Congratulations!

Lap by Lap Computer Results

A-main Race 1, 2, 3

B-main Race 1, 2, 3

Race Summary

It was very nice to see the father and son of Mr. Ato playing with f1 rc cars. And another fun, dance filled afternoon of enjoying our hobby and the company of each other. Fun racing.

See you Oct 28 for the India Grand Prix.


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