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F1R/C Club - Japan GP 2012

14 October 2012 - A big turnout of 18 racers for a Sunday afternoon of having fun and racing in Round 13 - Japan Grand Prix. Photos, video highlight, race commentary and results.

F1 RC Japan 2012 Fastest Cars

Video highlight of the event. Warm up lap with a pace car, Taka's silvercan seminar, layout from the driver stand, FGX performance and more.

Around 12 noon there was already a number of racers on the track, practising on the new layout. Spotted was this beautiful RC Mart body, earning Concours honors. Congrats Rico!

F1 R/C Japan 2012 Tamiya F103 concours winner

Below is the view of the drivers in the Pit Area. Porsha, now driving a Sakura FGX, doing her homework. Standing is F1RC Club founder Allan Colico.

F1 R/C Japan Pit Area

Our fastest F1 driver, Taka, held a seminar about 540 silvercan motor. Very technical and shared insights as to why his car is very fast. Thanks Taka for sharing your knowledge and secrets with the F1RC Club.

540 Silvercan Tuning Seminar

To keep things as real as possible, the layout in JP Raceway is changed to simulate the Japan Grand Prix F1 track. Racers mentioned it was tricky, hard but yet very fun to drive.

Japan GP R/C Track Layout

Thanks to Jun for drawing the layout and helping with the race announcement.

F1 RC Japan 2012 Jun Manego

Now let's get on with the racing.

Qualifying and Finals

The difference between making the A-main or the B-main was only 0.002sec. Ted outqualifying Miles by just 2 thousands of a second to make the final spot on the A-main. Wow!

F1 RC Japan 2012 Qualifying

8 drivers in the B-main. Perfect for the long but technical track layout. Less drivers in the B-main for less traffic and crashes. Nice to see 3 youngsters racing.

F1 RC Japan B-Main Drivers

Photo above: Gabe, Paco, Carlos, Rains, Rodil, Kiko, Rico and Miles.

The A-main was a full 10 car grid. Allan, Jygs, Taka, Leo, Gerome, Vin, Porsha, Chito, Ted and Jun.

F1 RC Japan Amain Drivers

The B-main was another exciting affair going down to the third race to determine the podium finishers. It the end it was a successful outing for Team FGX, with Rodil taking the win and Rains in 3rd. Miles came in 2nd with a Tamiya.

Rains narrows the Rookies Championship gap to points leader Gabe.

F1 RC Japan 2012 Sakura FGX Rains Viola

Photo: One of the two Sakura FGX F1 cars of Rains Viola.

F1 RC F103 Front Arm Hopup

Photo above: Front arm looks more durable than the stock Tamiya F103 arms. Unfortunately not the same can be said for the rear end.

The A-main would be interesting, as there was an agreement among Team CV drivers and Leo to run the narrower Tamiya F104, similiar to Taka.

Also interesting to see how the Sakura FGX will perform under the driving of 11 year old girl Porsha. Racing the Sakura FGX for the first time, she managed to qualify in the tough A-main field.

F1 RC Japan Tamiya Sakura Cars

It was a tough choice for Porsha. The F104W had better acceleration and top speed while the FGX was better at cornering, more consistent and easier to drive.

F1 RC Sakura FGX Fastest

Photo above: The box stock 3Racing Sakura FGX of Porsha. Sanwa MT-4 controller, 3.7FDR, Pit Shimizu tires and FullyMax 3300/30c lipo. Qualified 9th and finished 6th overall after 3 x 15 minute mains of racing. This is the highest finish of any FGX in the F1RC Club races. Looks promising for Team FGX.

Taka ran away from the field. It was a battle for 2nd and 3rd places. Gerome with a TEU101 esc, proved that the races are about driving skill and not equipment. He finished 2nd overall. Jygs, driving a Tamiya F103 15th Anniversary Edition, finished 3rd.

Overall Results

F1 RC Japan 2012 Winners

Above: Gerome Ling (2nd), Yuichiro Takaya (Winner), Jygs Tiangco (3rd). Congratulations!

Overall Results

Lap by Lap Computer Results

A-main Race 1, 2, 3

B-main Race 1, 2, 3

Race Summary

As the organizer, I found this race to be very enjoyable. It was an afternoon full of friends, each one respectful to one another. Peace and happiness ruled the day. No tech inspection needed as the Circle of Trust is restored. Rookies and newbies are made to feel very welcome. This is how the F1RC Club should and will continue to be!

See you Oct 21 for the Korea Grand Prix.


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