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F1R/C Club - Awarding and Christmas Race 2012
JP Raceway

16 December 2012 - Thank you to Mr. JP Reyes and all the racers who made the F1 Christmas race and trophy awarding a very memorable experience. On with the video, photos and commentary.

F1 RC Club Trophy Girl

Video Highlight

Taka: Wow those are big trophies.
Joel: Taka those are just the top layer.

F1 RC Small Trophies

First a big pizza for our birthday celebrant Taka san.

Taka birthday pizza

Awarding time. Here are 20 beautiful glass steering wheel trophies and plaque of recognition. Thanks to Allan "Oldskul" Colico.

F1 RC Steering Wheel Trophies

Gold trophies at the background? Let's zoom out the picture a bit to see all 27 trophies.

F1 RC 27 trophies

Yes, no more photoshop, those are the real thing. The biggest is 80 inches tall. Hmm there seems to be a beautiful girl... let's take a closer look.

Kates F1 Trophy Girl

The beautiful Ms. Kates V. Thank you to Mr. Vin Diaz. "Guys, I'm friendly, wag matakot lumapit."

F1 Trophy Girl Kates

Awarding time. First the rookies. In 8th place, Paco Fernandez. Way to go Paco!

Paco 8th

In 7th place, Kiko Fernandez. Great job Kiko!

Kiko 7th

In 3rd place, Carlos Limjoco. Kiss, kiss.

F1 RC Carlos 3rd

In 2nd place, Gabe Monzones.

F1 RC Gabe 2nd

And our 2012 Rookie of the Year, the smooth operator, Mr. Rains Viola! Congratulations!

F1 RC Rookie Champ Rains Viola

Group picture of the rookies. Congrats to all of you!

F1 Rookies

F1 Rookie Winners

Now on to the Overall Championship awarding. In 10th place, Vin Diaz! Congrats.

F1 RC Vin 10th

In 8th place, Ted Flores.

F1 RC Ted

In 7th place, Jun Manego.

Jun Manego

In 6th place, our lone girl driver. Porsha Mangilit!

Porsha Mangilit

In 4th place, all the way from USA, Leo Virtusio.

Leo Virtusio

In 3rd place, Chito Detabali.

Chito Detabali

In 2nd place, and F1 R/C Club founder, Allan "Oldskul" Colico.

Allan Colico

And our 2012 F1 Champion, Yuichiro Takaya!

Yuichiro Takaya

Congrats to the overall champion and podium finishers.

F1 Overall Champs

F1 Overall Winners

Be careful where you point that thing. Hahaha.

F1 rc cars overall big trophies

And a group photo for the great memories.

F1 Group Photo

More photos. The skyscraper trophies.

F1 Biggest Trophies

F1 tire

Baka mawasak ka ng Storm!

F1 Vin and Ike

It was Raining very hard. Pouring on the pickup lines... hahaha.

F1 Pickup line

Happy Daddy!

Big smile

The F1 RC Club trophy boys.

Trophy boys

Plenty of food. Sarap!



Father of the year.

Fernandez Family

Carlos and Porsha.

Carlos and Porsha

Porsha handing out the F1 RC Club Xmas gifts.

F1 RC Xmas Gifts

Kid racers.

Kid racers

Mother and son.

F1 rc mommy taka

Welcome our 2013 race director, Taka.

F1 RC Race Directors

From the F1 RC Club, a very Merry Christmas to All!

F1 RC Club original members

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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