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F1R/C Club - Abu Dhabi GP 2012

09 December 2012 - The final race of the season. After 18 races and 12 months of racing the 2012 F1 R/C Club championship comes to a happy ending. A nice Sunday afternoon with 19 f1 racers filling the JP Raceway track.

Fast F1 RC Cars were a blur

Photo: Above the B-main guys were so fast they were just a blur on the camera. Great racing action as 4 cars round the corner. And these are the rookie drivers!

Let's look at some photos from the pit area. 

F1 Pit Area

Above: A big welcome to Kim for joining our f1 rc race. Hope you had fun in the A-main! You are fast.

F1 rc car racing pit area

Photo: Above is Gabe and Dan. G is for Gabe. Or Green. Or GAP.

F1 rc club ron convento

Photo: Above is Ron Convento, one of the forefathers of F1 racing way back in 2008.

F1 rc father and sons racers

Picture: Above is the father and sons team. This is what rc racing should be. Family time and bonding with our kids.

F1 RC Rains and Taka

Another father and son team above running Tamiya F104 v2. Taka san and Rains "adopted san".

f1 rc club ariel and son racers

Photo: Above a big welcome to Ariel and his son. Ariel missing the A-main by just 6 thousandths of a second.

F1 RC B Main Drivers

Above: Nine drivers filled the B-main grid. The rookies are showing the veterans their speed.

F1 RC A-main Drivers

Above are the A-main drivers. Missing in the photo are Kim and Vin. Me and my daughter racing for the very first time together in the A-main. Father is still faster, even with a Sakura FGX. hahaha.

Where are you looking?

Above: Look to the left or to the right? Synchronized driving.

Qualifying for the top 10 spots in the A-main was going to be exciting with 19 drivers. In the end, rookie of the year Rains Voila manages to squeeze into the 10th position on the starting grid by outqualifying first timer Ariel Cruz by just 6/1000ths of a second.

F1 Abu Dhabi Quali

Overall Results

F1 results

Congrats to Ron, Dan and Carlos for a 1-2-3 finish in the B-main.

F1 rc winners

Photo: Ron (B-main winner), Chito (2nd), Taka (Winner), Allan (3rd). Congrats!

See you December 16 for our Trophie Awarding, pot luck food and fun race.


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Video: 25 F1 RC Cars Racing Simultaneously

25 F1 RC Car Racing Video

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