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F1 RC Cars - China GP 2013

13 April 2013 - The first saturday race of the year brought in 17 racers to the 3rd round of F1RC Club of the Philippines' UBS Shanghai GP. The fast layout with sweeping curves and corners coupled with unpredictable track grip in some areas added more excitement to the race. In the end, it was returning F1 veteran Jason dela Cruz edging out TQer Chito Detabali for first place while 2012 Rookie of the Year Rains Viola came in third. 

F1 RC Club China GP 2013 Podium

Rains' podium finish also shows that the 3Racing FGX chassis still remains competitive versus the faster direct drive chassis most racers currently prefer. Miles B. has been steady since Malaysia with his 2nd 4th place finish. Big Daddy Ron C. finally joined given his availability only on saturdays finished 5th, thanks Ron!! The ever cool Leo V. surprisingly made it to 6th only, perhaps to much TC practice is not good for F1...hehehe.

The rundown of finishers for A-Main:
1st - Jason DLC
2nd - Chito D.
3rd - Rains V.
4th - Miles B.
5th - Ron C.
6th - Leo V.
7th - Porsha M.
8th - Jomil DLC
9th - Kim D.
10th - Jun M.

B-Main Finishers:
1st - Carlos L.
2nd - Allan F.
3rd - Raymond C.
4th - Nomad M.
5th - Sean T.
6th - Harold A.
7th - Patrick M.

In behalf of the F1RC Club, thank you fellow F1 fanatic for another clean, honest, and relaxing afternoon of F1RC racing. Thank you to JP Reyes for his fine indoor track facility, and the crew of Ramil, Michael, and Dexter for helping out run the race.

We will see you on April 21 for the Bahrain GP!!

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