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F1 RC Cars - Australia GP 2013

18 February 2012 - A good start to the 2013 season with a full grid of 10 F1 rc cars. New face on the podium is Kim with a 2nd place. Gabe and Carlos showing why they are no longer rookies with a 6th and 7th, impressive! Rey Parco was racing but missing from photo. Thanks to Jun Manego for running the race.

F1 RC Car Racing - Australi GP 2013 Drivers

Video Highlight

Final Results

1st - Yuichiro Takaya
2nd - Kim Daus
3rd - Chito Detabali
4th - Jun Manego
5th - Porsha Mangilit
6th - Gabe Monzones
7th - Carlos Limjoco
8th - Allan Fernando
9th - Miles Bautista
10th - Rey Parco
11th - Chris Kho

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Video: 25 F1 RC Cars Racing Simultaneously

25 F1 RC Car Racing Video

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