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F1 RC Car Tips - Red Bull Racing, Motors, Telemetry, Shottky

4 November 2012 - A happy practise session with at least 10 f1 drivers. Nice to see you again Louie and thanks for the 3Racing rear wings. First the beautiful Red Bull 3Racing Sakura FGX body on a Tamiya F104 chassis of Ted Flores.

Red Bull F1 RC Car

Learned a lot of things during the practise session.

- Just like real Formula One. A Sakura FGX fitted with a Sanwa MT4 telemetry system showing the car doing 30 mph on the race track. Also validated by a chassis dyno.

Sakura FGX with Telemetry for RPM and Speed reading

- 13T hobbywing (used in Australia minis), not allowed. It almost blew up the dyno.. hehehe. I could not even get a reading.

- There are fake NASA Mighty Gripper v2 traction compound, like those sold in plastic applicators. To be sure, buy the original from our friend Taka and his authorized resellers.

Red Bull Racing Formula One R/C Car

- Use shottky diodes to protect your brushed motors and esc. It will smoothen but reduce braking power.

- Johnson 540 motor should have a decent performance for 50 hours of racing under proper use and care.

- Clean the 540 silvercan motor by running it at 2v and squirt the commutator with alcohol. I personally use denatured alcohol. Wait 5 seconds and repeat process 10 times.

- And F1 rc car with 3.7 FDR might give cooler motor temperatures than an undergeared 4.1 FDR. For the reason that a 3.7 FDR will require less rpm from the motor to cover a certain distance.

- Never leave battery plugged into esc (even if switch is in off position) for over 1 day. My lipo fully discharged, and my fully max is now fully destroyed.

- A 4 year old kid can drive an f1.

F1 radio control car driven by a 4 year old kid

See you November 11 at the NASA cup.

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